Rabbit Feed

Read below about our Sharpes Rabbit Feed range.

Rabbit Pellets | 10kg bags, 20kg bags

Sharpes Rabbit Pellets provide a complete diet for both young growing and breeding rabbits.

Feeding Recommendations:

Growers: Introduce gradually at 2 weeks of age then feed ad lib, withdraw 5 days prior to slaughter for human consumption.
Breeders: Restrict feed to 80-100gms/day after 8 weeks of age.
Pregnant: Restrict feed to 115gms/day until the last week of pregnancy, thereafter ad lib until little has been weaned.
Bucks: Feed up to 120gms/day.

Ingredients: Locally sourced Grains and Cereals, Plant Proteins, Limestone, Molasses, Macro and Trace Minerals & Vitamins and coccidiostat.


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