We offer a full range of animal feed products to suit your requirements.

Poultry Feed

Chick Crumbles, Hi-Lay Pellets, Hi-Lay Mash and Meatbird Crumbles.

Pheasant Feed

Pheasant Breeder, Pheasant Starter, Pheasant Grower

Stock Feed

Multifeed Nuts

Pig Feed

Pig Feed Nuts, Pig Grower Nuts and Pig Grower Meal

Calf Feed

Calf Sweetmix, 20% high protein, 16% earlywean

Dairy Feed

High Energy Dairy Nuts and Meal

Rabbit Feed

Rabbit Pellets

Horse Feed

Horse & Pony Pellets and Nuts, Racehorse Pellets

Lamb Feed

Lamb pellets & Lamb sweetmix

Specialist Feed

Custom Tailored Feeds


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