Frequently Asked Questions

This may answer some of the questions you have for us.

Why are you re-branding to Sharpes Farm Feeds? Previously Sharpes Stock Feeds.

At Sharpes we have always prided ourselves on innovation, using modern technology and moving with the times. Being in business for more than 120 years means we have always adapted and innovated, something we will continue to strive for. We felt the time was right for a fresh new brand, and are very excited to unveil our ‘sharp’ new look.

Will anything change for me?

It’s business as usual, same great quality product, same great service. The only change you may notice in time is we are slowly moving our 25kg bags down to a 20kg size, in line with best health and safety practices for our customers.

Why the name Sharpes Farm Feeds?

This new name reflects the fact we’re growing some of the grain here on-farm, right where our mill is situated, and sourced from local farms. We also wanted to be clear that Sharpes products cater for a wide variety of animals, from your dairy cow through to the backyard chicken – every animal is important to us.

While you will see the new Sharpes Farm Feeds branding on our packaging and in-store, our company name remains Sharpes Stock Feed.

Where do you sell your Sharpes Stockfeed products?

We sell our products throughout most rural stores in the lower North Island. Please visit our Customers page to see all our stockists. If there is no stockist in your area, you can now order here at our online shop and you pay for the postage.  

Does Sharpes Stockfeed calf feeds contain Palm Kernel?

No, our calf feeds do not contain Palm Kernel. We have no Palm Kernel in any of our feeds and don’t have Palm Kernel in our factory. We are proud to say we use only the best, locally sourced raw materials for our products. 

What size bags do you sell your feed in?

We sell all our products in 25kg and 10kg bags, and overtime moving the 25kg bags to 20kg size. We can also supply in 1 tonne or 1/2 bags. These bulk bag products are made to order. 

Do your Rabbit pellets contain a coccidiostat?
Yes our Rabbit pellets do contain a coccidiostat to protect the rabbits from coccidiosis. 

Do you deliver your products yourself?

We use local transport companies to deliver our products to stores and on to farm. However we do have our own bulk truck and trailer unit to deliver our bulk feeds. 

How does your mobile app work?

The mobile app is for orders that a 1 tonne or more. It is still charged through your preferred merchant, but the app makes it easier for you to order anytime, from anywhere – from your cowshed, calf pens or while out moving the sheep. Visit our mobile app webpage to read more and download the app. 

Have another question?

Please tell us here who you currently buy from? If this is bulk inqury, do you have a way of offloading from truck? Any further details will assist us with replying to you asap.


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