Get your animals winter-ready with the best nutrition from New Zealand-grown grains.

The Orsborn family has grain in their veins – three generations have owned Sharpes Farm Feeds since 1937 when Alan Orsborn bought it from the Sharpes, who started it in 1899.

Today it’s managed by Alan’s son Alastair, his son Sam and daughter-in-law Sara who live on-farm with their three children.

Sam Orsborn says the family is enormously proud to produce high-quality feed and provide exceptional service to block owners and farmers. “It’s a New Zealand-owned, family-owned business, turning New Zealand-grown grains into nutritious feed for lifestyle block animals in bags you can recycle.

“We’re farmers too, so Sharpes Farm Feeds go from our farm to yours.”


Sharpes Farm Feeds has an extensive lifestyle range available in feed supply stores around the North Island, or you can order online.

Their range includes:

Rabbit pellets;
Multifeed nuts for sheep, cattle, deer and goats;
Poultry feeds, including Hi-Lay pellets, mash, chick crumbles, meatbird crumbles.

They also produce nutritional feeds for almost every type of livestock, from calves, lambs, and pigs, to horses, ducks, and rats. The maize, barley, wheat, and other grain ingredients are grown locally, much of it by farmers who’ve worked with Sharpes for many years. The Orsborns also grow grain on their farm which surrounds their Carterton feed mill.


The family’s latest innovation is the launch of 100% recyclable feed bags for their lifestyle range. The bags are made of recyclable paper, sealed with cotton thread, so they can be added to your paper recycling bin or composted.

Sharpes Farm Feeds have also introduced 10kg and new 20kg bags so you can buy the right size to suit your needs, and it’s easier for staff and customers to move them around.

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