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In the News: From our farm to yours

From the moment the seed is planted in the ground, through to when you feed it to your animals, Sharpes Farm Feeds takes care across the entire supply chain to deliver the highest quality stock feed.

The family owned and operated Wairarapa-based business prides itself on its exceptional product, and service.

Sharpes uses the highest quality, freshest raw materials for every product, either grown on their own farm next to the mill or sourced from their trusted group of local farmers.

Grower Mark Guscott values his relationship with Sharpes. He gets enjoyment from spotting Sharpes products in-store, knowing they have played a part, in a small way, in the process of getting the product from seed in the ground to finished stock feed.

“They’re a long-standing business with a culture of thinking differently, not necessarily accepting the status quo, a little bit old-fashioned. I know they produce good quality products, and it’s commercially driven – market led,” he says.

All product lines are developed in conjunction with animal nutritionist, Alun Faulkner, for nutritionally balanced stock feed, then carefully blended with precision at the on-site Sharpes mill to ensure optimal animal health.

Nutrition is a key component to the health, happiness and growth of any animal, and Sharpes caters for a wide range of animals, from rats to sheep. The business has even made giraffe nuts in the past. Sharpes has the ability to tailor feed to meet the particular nutritional needs of any animal.

Sharpes is proud to be GMO free and does not use palm kernel.

Customer Chris Martin, of Wairarapa Eggs, says the quality of feed fed to chickens influences everything from how strong the white is to the strength of the shell. “A good consistent feed source helps with all of these things. As a bird ages, it requires different things from its diet, like a different level of calcium for example. All chickens need a good amount of protein, as an egg is mostly protein.”

He likes the ability to tweak their feed at different times of the year, depending on the needs of the chickens.

Sustainability has been at the forefront of the recent move to 100% recyclable packaging. Now customers can buy their favourite Sharpes Farm Feeds products and feel good about the planet at the same time. The full 10kg range is available in the new recyclable bags, with the 20kg range soon to follow.

Sharpes has been in business for more than 120 years. When you want to know your animals are getting the best nutrition every time, you can rely on Sharpes Farm Feeds.


This article appeared in the June issue of Business Rural North.


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