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Dean Wilkinson

Masterton, Wairarapa, NZ

Velvet competition Wapiti bulls at Dean Wilkinson’s Wairarapa deer stud are fed Sharpes deer velvet nuts to boost velvet growth.

Jeff Niblett & Bridgette Karetai

Sherenden, Hawke's Bay, NZ

Nutrition is a key factor in giving gamebirds the best start to life, and developing specialised feed for their pheasants and ducks in conjunction with Sharpes has been a game changer for NZ Gamebirds.

Steph & Ken Norman

Rexdale, Mangamaire, NZ

Calves at Steph and Ken Norman’s Mangamaire farm have been fed Sharpes calf meal for 18 years. The couple know that attention to detail is the key to raising top calves, and nutrition is a crucial element.

Melissa Staines

Carterton, Wairarapa, NZ

Melissa Staines began breeding rabbits as a teenager living in England and, since moving to New Zealand, it’s an interest she’s rekindled to enjoy with her own children.

Melvin Pike

Carterton, Wairarapa, NZ

“Well it’s the best, it’s pretty simple.” That’s Wairarapa chicken and duck breeder Melvin Pike’s response when asked, why Sharpes?

Karen Higgie

Otaki, NZ

When Karen Higgie offered to look after her grandchildren’s two pet guinea pigs, she had no idea it would lead to breeding and showing the tiny animals.

Lighthouse Station

Manukau Heads, Auckland, NZ

Rearing 25,000 pheasants and several thousand mallard ducks each year requires a fair bit of feed, and the birds at Lighthouse Station thrive on Sharpes. Their willingness to customise feed to his specific requirements is a huge bonus for general manager, Guy Ralph.

Wairarapa Eggs

Carterton, Wairarapa, NZ

Phenomenal service and the right nutrition from Sharpes goes a long way in serving the free range ‘chickz’ on the family farm, run by Chris and Alexandra Martin, of Wairarapa Eggs.

Belinda Clarke

Auckland, NZ

Belinda Clarke is on a mission to show everyone what great pets rats make, and her passion for her furry friends is infectious.

Longbush Free Range Pork

Gladstone, Wairarapa, NZ

From lifestyle blockers raising a few pet pigs to a wildly successful free-range pork business, Naya Brangenberg and Jeremy Wilhelm have nailed the ethically raised food gig, and nutrition for their pigs is a key consideration.

Kowhai Grove Ostrich

Halcombe, Manawatu, NZ

Ostriches provide a unique diversification to Rosemary and Ian Blunden’s Halcombe farming operation, and these majestic birds get off to the best start in life with a helping hand from Sharpes.

Mason Topp

Hinakura, Wairarapa, NZ

Supplementary feeding ewes Sharpes Multifeed nuts at tupping is standard policy at Mason Topp’s Hinakura sheep and beef farm in the Wairarapa. Benefits include boosting conception rates and body condition score of ewes, as well as providing flexibility if feed gets tight.

River Range Eggs

Takapau, Central Hawke's Bay, NZ

Courtney Ellison went from a backyard chicken owner, living in Wellington with three chickens, to quitting the rat race and buying free range egg business, River Range Eggs. Now, she has 1300 chickens, and couldn’t be happier about it.

Abyrose Wiltshires

Rongotea, Manawatu, NZ

Pampered sheep live their best life at Abyrose Wiltshires near Rongotea in the Manawatu, and that includes top nutrition.


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